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  Princess Bracelets
Princess Bracelets


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It is utterly amazing that I have been creating jewelry for almost nine years! It's not work when one loves what she is doing! That would be me!! The exciting aspect is the ability to be continually creating new ideas for beaded items and new styles of jewelry popular today. I am especially excited to be introducing all my accessory items (finally!) in our newly designed web site. It makes me think how it would be to build a new house...being able to include all those favorite things under one roof.

I have met some delightful people through my business. Some of their compliments can be read in Customer Comments. This is what it's all about for me...helping someone give a gift or receive one that brightens their day or eases their difficult times. It honestly was not something I thought about as I began, and it certainly made an impact on me. I've been lucky enough to send bracelets to Laura Bush, Michelle Obama and her daughters, Mary Engelbreit, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. All these women have accepted my gift, most have replied and two are wearing their bracelets regularly, only to be seen on national television…Palin and Bachmann! That's a huge thrill for me!

I have been involved with art for 30 years. Of all the different ways I've expressed myself creatively, Prayers & Squares has me completely captivated! Antiquing, being creative, combining colors and providing a unique gift for many to enjoy are the reasons I am so excited about making jewelry. I like to use vintage beads whenever possible! It is exciting to combine the old beads with new ones to create a one-of-a-kind piece for you!

I have taken 8 mission trips to Honduras, beginning in June of 2000. My experiences on these trips have been life changing which I will share in a program for your favorite club or organization. The inspiration for these unique pieces of jewelry came from an unusual experience I had returning from a trip in November 2002.

Eight years ago I had an idea to make prayer box bracelets with an original prayer included with it. The first prayer was the "Special Woman" prayer. I know have 58 prayers which include the ones I wrote for the Princess bracelet. I still make the prayer box bracelets but have expanded my gift line to over 50 items, ranging in price from $6 on up. My friends tease me saying, "If she can get beads on it, she'll sell it!" I recently starting knitting again and the scarves have been very popular. Who would have thought learning to knit in 2nd grade would be a money maker for me!!!

Browse the web site. I hope to communicate with you on a regular basis! If you have any questions please call or . If you need a gift sent out quickly, call me and I can usually get it out within a couple days... gift card included! How easy is that?! Thank you for visiting Julie's Prayers and Squares...

Julie's Prayers and Squares

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