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November 13, 2011 Annual Holiday Sale!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I'm so looking forward to cooking the turkey this year.  Last year we were gone and didn't have the famous "turkey leftovers."  We really missed that so this year we will have them.  I don't waste any of that turkey. I even boil the carcus (after I take all the meat off, of course) and it makes the best broth for turkey rice soup, or vegetable soup. I usually make a huge pot  and freeze some of it once we are tired of turkey!  I watched Giada on the Food Network Channel and got a great recipe for Cranberry Orange glaze. Can't wait to try some new things. This font color should remind you of pumpkin....I will be making a pumpkin cheesecake this year!

Before I can begin cooking I have a busy weekend ahead.  My annual Holiday Open House is less than one week away.  In fact, I have 3 days remaining for creating new pieces! This is my most favorite event I do all year! I love going to the Comfort Suites here in Marion...it's like my second home.  Everyone from Karen, the manager to Michael, the maint. supervisor and many in between, are so nice to me and provide me with a wonderful location. So I always look forward to seeing them,  seeing all my faithful customers and meeting new ones!

Not to mention....I have many new things this holiday season. Such as golf score beads called the Albert Abacus; beaded baby silverware; serving spoons, the nutty spoon; napkin rings (2 styles); medical alert bracelets with detachable beaded band; twisted trivets; mirrors with creative vintage jewelry adornments; push pins; and my ever popular Infinity scarves (hand-knit).

I have had a very busy October this year.  I did a sale in Madison, WI and also Eden Prairie, MN. I had hoped to see more of my customers in Madison since I hadn't done any events there for 6 years. I was at the Westside Club off Mineral Point Rd and it was a very nice venue for me.  Eden Prairie was at my sister's house and it was great to see many of my past customers and meet some new ones too!

Highlights of both these shows were seeing two old friends from grade school days!  Wanda and Barbara came, one to each sale and we had a chance to catch up...a little!  Let's see..about 53 years worth of catching up!!!  I was very excited they made the effort to come!!

Once returning home from these sales, I had 17 days to get ready for Holiday Open House 2011.  Believe me, those days just flew by. I didn't unpack, however, all the boxes are packed and stacked in the garage. After packing, loading the van, unloading and unpacking 6 times, I couldn't do it again! It was a smart move because I can use the "packing-it-all-up-again" day to make some final designs.

Also my internet sales have already started for holiday shopping.  Once through the Holiday Open House, I will concentrate on those orders that have already come in. My hubby has been a constant supporter, endless worker and encourager. He helps with meals, laundry and yard work. We were gone 2 wks in October and he did ALL the driving so I could knit or put together firecracker wine stoppers in the car!  He's a champion and I think I'll keep him.  I've had him for 38 years already!!!

So...time to get downstairs to finish some wine stoppers.  They are so popular and I sell many of them.

Thanks to all of you for visiting my website, for ordering and for comments/suggestions. If I didn't see you in 2011, I hope to in 2012. I will be writing a new prayer called....maybe Inspiration, Encouragement or Recovery...not sure yet.  It will be available before Christmas. I will post it here once it's written.

Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones....

Fondly, Julie


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