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September 24, 2012 Fall 2012

Hi Everyone!!!

I can't believe I last posted here in April. I apologize for not being a better correspondant.  Let's see....I helped move my Mother in Wisconsin in April, did my Spring Unique Boutique in May, had a little fun in June, another Art Fair on the Green in Wisconsin in July,  Atlanta trip in August, joined an Open Air Market group here in Marion in August and just finished a big event in Gas City,IN last Saturday!!!!  Life has been fun, busy, interesting and crazy since last April.  The fall looks to be just the same, which will be exciting.

Oh, I forgot something very important that we did the first weekend in September.  Headed to Green Bay for a Packer game!!!!  We toured the stadium, went through the Packer Hall of Fame, had some great meals, got a free t-shirt at the game, had an irate fan thrown out of the stadium by security, and then, sadly watched the Packers lose the game.  But it was a terrific time. I even found my Grandmother's house on Howard St.  It was disappointing to see it today because it was beautiful 50 years ago.

I have joined this Marion Open Air Market group that has market every Sat. morning on 5th and Washington Sts. from 9-2.  We sell produce, Oh My Goodness Cookies, cupcakes, kettle korn, teas, homemade soaps, jewelry, beaded gifts, Light as Hair accessories, Steampunk jewelry, homemade breads, beautiful artwork using recycled aluminum cans called Recycled Fun 4 U, and much more.  This is a great group of vendors which tells you why I wanted to get on board!!! It has made my life much busier but I have so enjoyed getting to know all these people. We are hoping to set up through October, with some special fall things for children, like Halloween treats and contests. We also are working on a Holiday Mart in December. Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the open air market vendors set up on Thursdays on the Courthouse Square for "Picnic in the Courtyard". A restaurant caters lunch for $5, and there is music playing.  These have been well attended by the people who work at the courthouse or somewhere downtown.  We only have 2 of these left for the season. I have felt the extra exposure has been good for me.  I do a "small set up" instead of taking everything.  So this has also been good for me to be flexible and spontaneous...and also more comfortable being outside.

So, soon I will be preparing for my Holiday Open House, Nov 16,17,18 at the Comfort Suites. Never a dull moment, that's for sure.  Rich will celebrate three years of retirement in early October. He is such a help to me with Prayers and Squares, and now so, more than ever! He does not complain too much...hahaha!

Happy Fall to all...............Julie



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